Guest Chef Pop-Up

Our First Guest Chef Pop-Up
Spanish Paella 4-Course Dinner!

by Chef Christian Saiz

The Cats, known for its “smokin’ good BBQ”, will serve up an entirely different menu on Sunday, October 22, featuring Cristian Saiz, a Bay Area chef and paella expert. A limited number of guests will have a chance to dine in the restaurant and meet the chef. Others living within a 10-mile radius can try the paella, from a recipe handed down through the generations, preordered, for delivery.

About Chef Christian

Chef Christian Saiz served paella, from a recipe passed down through generations of family, at his daughter’s first birthday celebration. He received rave reviews and event requests that turned into Mestizo Paella, a popular, Bay Area specialty catering business.
When asked about training, Christian said “it’s in my blood,” adding that he absorbed his culinary knowledge in the kitchens of his father and beloved grandmother and has perfected his recipe, recognized as the national dish of Spain, with flavors to appeal to all tastes. Traditionally, paella is a dish comprised of rice and a mixture of vegetables, chicken and/or seafood.
Founded in 2018, Mestizo Paella caters local events, from intimate dinners to corporate lunches to weddings. Christian said the business has continued to grow each year, and he wants to see this pattern continue, giving customers a chance to taste his father’s traditional paella recipe with roots in Madrid.

First Course – Apple Manchego Salad

Refreshing Cosmic Apples, Almonds & Manchego Cheese Tossed in a Citrus Vinaigrette.

Second Course – Jamon Croquettes

Crunchy Croquettes Coated in Panko, Filled with a Panchetta & Bechamel Sauce.

Main Course – Choice of Paella

1. Signature Paella
Dasca Rice Cooked In Soffrito, Paired with Pork, Shrimp, Chicken & Spanish Chorizo Topped with Corn, Peas & Parsley to Create a Smoky, Sweet & Hearty Dish.
2. Meat Lovers Paella
Traditional Dasca Rice Cooked In Soffrito, Paired with Pork, Spanish Chorizo, Chicken, Corn & Peas.
3. Vegetable Paella
Traditional Dasca Rice Cooked In Soffrito, Paired with Artichokes, Garbanzo Beans, Green Beans, Zucchini, Corn & Peas.

Dessert – Spanish Churros

Crispy, Soft & Sweet Looped Churros Paired with Authentic Spanish Chocolate Dipping Sauce.

How to Order

Dine-In at The Cats

The Spanish Paella Pop Up will be the first of many special events hosted at The Cats. Reserve your seats for a delicious 4-Course Paella Dinner at The Cats on Oct 22nd by buying Guest Chef Pop Up tickets, now available at EventBrite.

Takeout or Delivery

The 4-Course Spanish Paella meals are freshly prepared on Oct 22nd.
Free Pickup or Delivery to Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell, Cupertino, Willow Glen, Cambrian, West and South San Jose.